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Here I Am is the next generation app for locating your friends and family in Real-Time, “developed by AlpineSoft IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd”.

Whether you are 50m away or 500m away, now you can locate your close ones anytime and anywhere.

Have to meet with those people who keep saying we’re almost there? Well now keep tabs on them and verify if they really are near you or just leaving.

Did you get separated from your group? Now find each other even in the most crowded of places.


Terms of Use

These Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as “TOUs”) have been updated on December 8, 2016.

They are addressed to all the people who download, register and use the “Here I Am” Application.

It is therefore imperative that anyone who wishes to use the “Here I Am” Application becomes aware of the TOUs, since they define its rules of use.

The TOUs and the “Privacy and Protection of Private Life Policy” attached to it have a contractual value which, as a result, binds HereIAm and the User.

Acceptance of the TOUs of the “HereIAm” Application is deemed, between the parties, materialized as soon as it is downloaded.

In the TOUs, words or phrases beginning with a capital letter have the following meanings:

Alias: Identity under which a User appears on the “HereI Am” Application with respect to their Friends and other Users.

Friend(s): Any person with the status of User with whom another User shares his/her geolocation and who shares with them their own geolocation, subject to their respective settings of the “Her IAm” Application.

“HereIAm” Application: Computer program, published by HER IAM in the form of “App”, whose main purpose is to allow any User to be geolocated by his/her Friends, according to his/her preferences, and to geolocate his/her Friends according to their preferences.

Account: The space allocated to each User within the “Here I Am” Application and accessible only to the User who owns it, enabling him/her to have access to all the Services.

Content(s): Any information, including geolocation, and any computer file, subject to the applicable technical limitations, that the User generates, records and manages on their account and in particular their photograph and their address book, which are hosted by HEREIAM.

User: Any natural person, over the age of majority according to the regulations of their country, which is registered on the “Here I Am” Application by means of a valid mobile phone number.

Service(s): Any kind of functionality proposed on the “HereIAm” Application by HEREIAM to Users and, most importantly, to be able to share geolocation between. Friends and exchange correspondence with Friends.

  • In accordance with article 34 of the law “Computer Technology and Freedom” mentioned above, HERE I AM commits to take all necessary precautions, in view of the nature of the data and the risks presented by the processing carried out, to preserve the security of the Registration and Usage Data, and in particular to prevent them from being deformed, damaged or accessed by unauthorized third parties.
    HEREIAM commits that any subcontractor it calls in application of article “Use of subcontractors and control” shall comply with this obligation.
    In particular, exchanges of Registration and User Data between Users and HERE I AM, with the “HERE AM” Application, are carried out by means of computer encryption protocols, such as “https”.
    All Your Registration and Usage Data is confidential to third parties (except Your Friends), including our partners. In addition, our subcontractors are bound by a contract or confidentiality obligations relating to Your Registration and Usage Data.
    Only a part of Your Registration and Usage Data is communicated to your Friends, as described in the article “Recipients”.


Privacy Policy

Your Registration Data is what You provide to us when you register on the “HERE I AM” Application and then, if applicable, you complete and/or update. We will never collect Registration Data by browsing the Internet for example to verify the information you have provided to us.
Your Usage Data (and, in particular, your geolocation) are collected automatically, using the “Here I Am” Application installed on your Smartphone.
The attention of the User is drawn to the fact that geolocation data corresponds, on the one hand, to the geographical coordinates of a point on a map and, where possible, to a postal address.

Collection of your Usage Data being totally automated, it collects by hypothesis any geographical coordinate you are going to, according to a methodology developed by HEREIAM in particular in terms of delay between two collection instants.
The statistical studies produced by HEREIAM, using this Registration and Usage Data, are completely anonymous and will never include any reference to the identity of the Users or even their simple Alias.
With regard to Your Registration Data, the purposes of their processing are to determine which groups (e.g. national, users of different Smartphone types, operating systems, etc.) are statistically relevant to the different studies that HERE IAM carries out (and, therefore, our statistics never deal with a single person).
With regard to your Usage Data, the purposes of their processing involve, on the basis of these groups, on the one hand, measuring and analyzing the movements of the Users over time and, on the other hand, studying exchanges habits and communication between Friends, in both cases to produce statistical studies and improve the delivery of our Services.
Your Registration and Usage Data is also the subject of studies to prevent any abuse or attempted fraud to which it and/or other Users may be subjected.
The article 8 of the law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 modified, so-called “Computer Technology and Freedom” “prohibits collection or processing of personal data which reveals, directly or indirectly, racial or ethnic origins, political, philosophical or religious beliefs or trade union membership of persons, or relating to the health or sexual life of such persons.” No Registration Data of this type will ever be requested by HEREIAM and, in any case, HEREIAM commits to never use as criteria, in the processing of your Registration and Usage Data, the data covered by the new legal provisions described above.

You can access and rectify your Registration Data at any time by logging into the “HEREIAM” Application.
In accordance with the law “Computer Technology and Freedom” mentioned above, you have the right to access and rectify any information concerning you, which you may exercise by contacting HEREIAM.

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