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Get the award-winning Rediff Enterprise Email solution for your business with AlpineSoft. Be it an SME, medium or large company, Rediff has suitable mail plans to complement your business requirements. Utilize the advanced service plan to customize your mail and promote your brand in-house with branded mail pages.

Access your emails on the move with content sync across multiple devices. Send internal communication newsletters to employees. Manage bulk actions with Bulk user management, for example adding/deleting users, etc. With the Rediff email management solution, you can use high-end content filters for spam protection and shield your mail servers from potential virus attacks.

Rediffmail Business Email Pricing

₹270/Year Per ID
  • 1 GB Storage Space
  • Spam & Virus Protection
  • Data Localization
  • Common Login Page
  • --
  • --
  • --
₹510/Year Per ID
  • 10 GB Storage Space
  • Spam & Virus Protection
  • Data Localization
  • Common Login Page
  • --
  • --
  • --
₹850/Year Per User
  • 10 GB Storage Space
  • Spam & Virus Protection
  • Data Localization
  • Custom Login Page
  • Custom Branding
  • Rcloud


What is Enterprise Solutions?
The Enterprise Edition of Redifffmail NG (Enterprise Pro) provides secure on-demand messaging with premium features for small, medium & large business enterprises. With Rediffmail Pro. you can now give the power of mobile mail to everyone, on most mobile phones
How will remote users access their email?
Rediff mail Enterprise Pro E-mailing System is perfect for employees who are on the go. Remote users would access their email through the browser on any computer that is connected to the Internet. Using the Web Access feature, your employees will be able to easily check their email from home, the road, or anywhere in the world
Will name of your company name appear as my email address?
How much time does it take to provision order once it is placed? When you place the order, the order is registered and scheduled for provisioning. It takes a couple of hours to provision the order. However, the changes made in the system gets in effect only after 24 hours of order provisioning.
How will i know if the order is provisioned?
Once the order is provisioned we will send you a confirmation on your email ID. Also, the order status in order history will change to ‘provisioned’. For the new domains, the conformation email will contain the administrator login ID and password.
What additional settings needed to setup the email service?
After successful provisioning of the new domain, two additional settings are required.
1. Create a subdomain for the login URL and point its A record to the IP:
2. Point the MX records of the customer’s domain on which email services are provisioned to with Preference/Priority = 10
What is login url? Can I change the login url?
Login URL is the custom URL which user’s of the domain users to log in to their respective email accounts. Once the order is provisioned, the login URL cannot be changed.
What is default administrator id? Can I change it?
The default administrator ID is ‘admin’. This ID cannot be changed.

Can I provide different size mailboxes to same customer?
Yes. Unlike RPRO, the same domain can have multiple sizes of mailboxes. i.e. you can buy 200MB mailboxes as well as 1GB mailboxes for the same domain.

HOw Data Migration Works
You can migrate your customer’s existing mail data from old service provider to Rediff platform. However, the existing data should be compatible with Rediff mail format. We support a large number of mail formats such as .msg, .eml etc. The data can be migrated even if it is in .pst format.
If you want to migrate the data, you will either have to send to us on physical media such as DVD or hard-disk or you can upload the data at a location using FTP. For any data migration activity, please get in touch with our customer support. Our executives will guide you through the entire data migration process.
What is complete mail sync?
Get the same view of your mailbox on different devices. If you have sent a mail from your desktop outlook client, it will be available in your webmail as well as on your phone. The action you take one device is synced back with all other devices from where you are accessing your emails.
The administrator should assign a complete mail sync account to the email ID and select the date from which mails to be synced across the devices. These emails IDs should be configured using IMAP protocol on mail clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird.
What is chat facility?
Using the chat facility, users on the domain can send instant messages to each other. The chat functionality is integrated into the browser itself.

What is mail on mobile?
Get a new mail notification on your mobile phone as soon as you receive a mail. The Rediffmail NG application works seamlessly on Android, Symbian, iOS, Blackberry, Java, J2ME platforms. You can access your entire mailbox, calendar, and contacts from these mobile phones.

How email backup works?
If the backup account is assigned to an email ID, all the emails received by the user are backed up on cloud storage. In case, the user loses his entire mailbox or accidentally deletes some of the emails, the administrator can restore them from his admin panel.
You can specify the retention period for which mails to be backed up. For ex. if the retention period is selected as 1 month, at the time of restoration, only the last one monthâs emails would be restored back.
How contact sync works?
We have developed a plugin for outlook 2007 and outlook 2010 to access the global address book of the domain on the desktop client.
Once the user installs this plugin on his local machine, the global address book gets downloaded in outlook. User can search and send emails to other users on the domain using the downloaded address book.
What is secure mail?
Secure mail functionality enables secure email transactions even when emails accessed using mails client like Outlook or Thunderbird. The emails sent or received are encrypted with a secure key.
To enable the encryption for sending and receiving emails, select the ‘SSL’ option while configuring the email ID on the mail client.
How to cancel the order i placed?
The order cannot be canceled once provisioned.

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